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Artists Statement


Wing Dreams


In my work, dimensions of contradictory forces are always at play. Thoughtful harmonic division of space, as the anchoring device, and seeming randomness of free movement, right-hemisphere, spatial, intuitive, relational, as the catalyst. The work is allegorical in nature. My work asks questions about the relationships of primary factors. I utilize the human figure metaphorically. I look at humans as wave and particle, as beings physically restrained by time, yet also a life form capable of awareness of worlds and dimensions beyond our immediate experience. In my sensory experience, things are fluid, organic and very much alive.


A free calligraphic line is an important element in my work, symbolizing a natural flow and process, communication, spiritual illumination, and the movement between levels of consciousness. Movement is important. I perceive space as a living organism. Geometry is sacred, but often fluid or twisted. Planes are not static.


There is a conceptual evolution to many paintings, each layer representing a complete concept, each a complete painting. Bodies of work are developed serially, though not always in a linear series. It is important to me that layers remain transparent, allowing some evidence of process to remain visible. I utilize metal leafing, reflective finishes and textures to challenge the visual perception of “surface” in the illusion of depth.


Wisp Theory: Momentum In S

Wisp Theory is actually comprised of ten layers of the expression (bottom left corner of the piece), with some layers in distorted perspective.

(I utilize human forms to metaphorically suggest living systems within the expressions and, in fact, an organic expression of independent systems within systems.  I have asked, ‘what is it, in itself?’ in an image which (arguably) suggests “it” is a self providential process of an organic nature. Complex, and yet poetic in it’s simplicity. The dividing line acts as a visual key, throughout… and the common thread in all 10 dimensions.)

The painting describes an event in particle physics, as a human experience. Two particles colliding in wisp space at an angle (relative to their respective starting points) will occupy the same time/space for a nano moment, when they come to a state of complete rest.


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