Greetings! I hope you enjoy my artwork. Yes, my work is for sale. So please feel free to pick out something you’d like to own. I always have several new pieces available, and many are available as limited edition Giclée prints. All editions are limited to 100 prints. This work will not be mass reproduced.

Much of my work (predominately painting) is metaphorically figurative, inspired by physics, and deliberately process driven. If you are interested, there’s more about my process in the artist’s statement and also under the influences tab.



Three Mothers 18 x 36


Look for emerging artists working in a style you’d like to have in your home and/or work place.  Any emerging artist should be able to provide you with a list of shows and exhibitions they have participated in. You want to see at least a few juried exhibitions in the list, and hopefully one or two awards. This is your assurance that you have champagne taste. Now, make an offer from your draft beer budget. It’s okay. A good rule of thumb is not to offer less than half of the list price, in order to avoid insulting anyone. Personally, I’m not that sensitive, but some are. Many artists will grant sales interest free, (90 days same as cash), and will accept returns if you get it home and your wife or hubby hates it. I do.

Buying and owning art is not a privilege of luxury. Its a means of expression, of understanding the world we live in- the process of living and what it means to be human. It is the essence of freedom. It is perhaps, the only thing that distinguishes humanity. We have the ability to manifest anything we are capable of imagining. So go ahead and manifest something incredible in your world. Add some hand crafted originals to your walls and living spaces. Have fun with it. You might discover it’s worth more than you paid for it, in any number of ways. Original art as a family heirloom, as an investment, as a statement, as a conversation piece… or even a meditation piece, adds value to life.

Interior of Mask Vessel

Ghost Ranch

Wisp Theory: Momentum in S

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