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Diana Wunderle paints

in acrylic and mixed mediums, utilizing diverse subject matter and symbolism
in an allegorical, and profoundly intuitive, dialog. Her paintings ask
questions, often figuratively, about our human experience. 

She has a strong interest in contemporary theoretical physics and presents her
own interpretations with “poetic license.”
A stroll through Wunderle’s studio reveals landscapes, figurative work, and
still life paintings sharing a surreal sense of wonder.

Transparent layers, warped geometries and free calligraphic lines permeate
much of her work. Here and there her subtle sense of humor finds a surface
to take a poke at arrogance or restrictive social constructs.

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Wunderle approaches her work
with a well developed visual vocabulary. She was showing and selling
work for over a decade before receiving a BFA from Southern Illinois University. 

When she isn’t painting, Wunderle teaches artist developmental workshops
and engages in projects to build and support community.

































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